Parking for the Church ceremony

The Church is in Langton Matravers, which is a small village with narrow roads. There is a very small car park outside the Church, but we would like this car park to be kept free for the bridal party.

There are two main options for parking:

1) There is free parking available on the main road in Langton, and on the nearby residential roads.

2) There is also free parking available for users of the Church in the St George’s Primary School field, which is on the High Street as you approach the Church. The gates will be open and there should be a sign saying “Wedding Parking”. As this parking is in a field, it is subject to there being favourable weather on the day.

St Georges park

Parking for the reception

The reception venue is in Harman’s Cross, which is a small village about a 5 minute drive from the Church. The village hall has two car parks on site, one on either side of the road. These car parks are free.